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Dancing Between Darkness and Light

Our lunar goddess is rich with wisdom. She teaches us how to move from darkness into light with the gracefulness of a ballroom dance. We step in, we step out – and we circle back around again. Looking up at the night sky during a first quarter lunar phase, we see a moon that’s half […]

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The Woman in the Moon

We’ve all heard the saying, “the man in the moon.” But what exactly does that mean? By using analogies related to the moon, what emerges after the “new moon” (the darkness of being in the raw) is the first crescent – a peek at what’s to come. A “new you” begins to emerge as life’s many […]

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Gratitude – One of Life’s Greatest Teachers

Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in the United States – and at the heart of this national holiday is gratitude. Take a moment, as you’re reading this, to reflect on what it is that you’re most grateful for in your life. Allow yourself to focus on any images, words, and emotions that capture […]

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You Are A Phenomenal Woman

As we approach the beautiful energy of summer, a time that brings celebration and rejuvenation – let’s take a moment to honor your WOWNESS! We’ve all known phenomenal women. They have that special “something” – a glorious glimmer that brightens a room when they enter. Their smile, warm demeanor, or caring presence draws us to them. […]

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Dancing with Life’s “Ebb and Flow”

April’s full moon in Libra shines a strong moonbeam on balance. It can illuminate what’s needed to stay composed and aligned with your moral values, in a time of societal breakdown. The Moon in Libra is opposite the Sun in Aries, inspiring you to be courageous and true to your own sense of destiny. Imagine […]

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