Full Moon Empowerment

Full Moon WomanFor many centuries, the moon has inspired thousands of beautiful stories, songs, dances, paintings, and poems. Through its many phases, it has served as a muse in a variety of ways.

What is it about the moon that stirs our innermost thoughts and inspires our deepest creativity?

One of the gifts that the full moon gives us is an overwhelming desire to come alive.

Whether that’s bringing a passion front and center or finally making the decision to take a giant leap forward in a new direction that is fully aligned with our life purpose.

Imagine driving through a fast food window and placing an order – only this time the menu lists the one thing that you’ve been contemplating for quite some time.

Perhaps it’s that life-changing book you’ve been working on for eons, but keep finding yourself facing one creative block after another. Or maybe it’s that passion-filled business that you’ve been wanting to start, but you haven’t yet gotten the courage to just go for it. Or it could be the nonprofit organization you’ve been pondering, the one that’s destined to change the world.

Whatever it is – it’s on the menu right now. And the clerk (who happens to be representing the positive energies of the universe) says, “What can I get for you today?”

This is your moment! Will you order it? Will you tell the universe, “Yes, this is the right time for me. I’ll take it.”

And then the clerk says, “Would you like to super-size that?”

What would it take for you to say, “Heck yeah!”?

Whenever the moon is full, her energies are incredibly powerful. With her light beaming brightly from the sky, she showers the earth with the capacity to forge ahead. Projects and endeavors that are began during a full moon carry a special passion and energy that is unmatched during any other moon cycle.

If you’ve been sensing “your calling” knocking at the door, it’s time to answer! Open up the door – and step into a whole new world of possibilities!

What would it take for you to fully step into your creative purpose?

Join me for a magical and rich experience through a variety of delicious offerings here at Moonlight Muse Media – and elevate your spiritual journey into a work of art!

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