Notes of Gratitude

Jill Greinke, Milwaukee, WI“Tina, you are a dreamworker! Thank you for sharing your expertise – and for guiding me through a process that makes my writing stronger and my chapters more captivating. I have really enjoyed my work with you!”

Jill Greinke, Milwaukee, WI

Patricia Young, Fort Lauderdale, FL“Before I started working with Tina, I was confused and overwhelmed because I didn’t know how to organize the content I had for my book. Tina is very intuitive and knowledgeable – and really helped me get the clarity I needed on how to make the content flow with ease and grace. I now have an outline for my book that makes sense. I really appreciate her guidance and expertise, as well as all the tools and resources she provided to stimulate my inspiration during the process. I’m looking forward to continuing my work with her on other creative projects!”

Patricia Young, Fort Lauderdale, FL

 Marta Luzim, Parkland, FL"Tina came to into my life at a time when I was lost and needing direction. I was craving a new approach, branding, and perspective on my work and writing. I am a creative, intuitive, writer, artist and therapist/healer - and it is challenging to find the coach that can see into your chaos and dreams. I worked with different coaches over the years who just didn't seem to evoke my guts and grit to see and feel what I wanted to voice and create. Tina understood my edgy, provocative, and visionary way of creating. She gave me lots of juicy space to delve into my vision and drive. She helped to open my eyes, heart and soul to birth a new website, program, and book. For a year now, she has midwifed, listened deeply, inspired, encouraged - and helped shape and support my voice, my inner process, and my creative vision. I don't know what I would have done without her. She is patient, kind, and amazingly brilliant, creative, and intuitive. She is now helping me launch, brand, and market my new work. I feel deeply grateful to Tina. She is a true coach and guide for the creative soul."

Marta Luzim, Parkland, FL

Krista Moore, Kingston, Ontario, Canada“Tina is great at being a sparkling leader, able to electrify and hone down to the most unseen forces of truth. She is great at giving a new metaphor for your life, a new possibility, empowering you to speak and own your new truth. She helped me take what felt impossible – and gently led me on a journey of purple possibility. I’m now immersing myself in Purple Possibilities!”

Krista Moore, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Deirdre Morris, Malta“This retreat inspired many magical happenings! I really felt myself stepping into my Blue Moon Legacy with confidence and excitement. I am so ready to shine in my personal life, in my professional work, and with my family. I truly feel like a Blue Moon being!”

Deirdre Morris, Malta

Kaira Boston, Richmond, VA“What a wonderfully uplifting time spent with Tina going through the New Moon Discovery process! Preparation for the session was immediately thought-provoking and it felt good to get some clarity prior to even meeting with Tina. The session proved valuable to help narrow down the multi-passioniate self that I am. I was able to take our work from the session and the follow-up clarifications to provide a better focus for why I enjoy what I do – and how to build that into a business that serves others while expressing my values. I loved working with Tina! And I’m excited to include another session with her in my 2014 plan for success.”

Kaira Boston, Richmond, VA

“Tina, this program was amazing! What I’ve learned about myself through the Sacred Money Archetypes and through your powerful coaching has inspired me to take some steps I may not have otherwise taken. I’m looking forward to stepping into my role as an alchemist and publishing my first book – and fully becoming the spiritual teacher that I’ve always been. Thank you for everything!”

Sharon Kirby, Farmington, New Mexico

Lisa Alexander, Life Design Coach, Hartford, CT“When I first met Tina, I was still in the midst of trying to figure out a new direction for my business. In just a brief conversation, Tina intuitively “got me.” Working with Tina, I was able to put the pieces of my branding puzzle together with her insightful questions and loving guidance. Her knowledge with moon cycles provided the clarity I was seeking to re-discover who I am at my core and what I would like to create and express through my business offerings. I am looking forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Lisa Alexander, Life Design Coach, Hartford, CT

Dorit Sasson, Pittsburgh, PA“Tina Games came into my life in early 2009, when I was stuck both emotionally and spiritually. She is now my mental and spiritual compass, helping me recognize “stuck” patterns that were getting in the way of my business vision. I have a much better understanding of the role of a spiritual goddess, intuition and wisdom which will help me deepen the journaling process and my relationship to self. Tina has an uncanny and divine ability to help one clarify problems with a great sense of empowerment through her astrological wisdom and intuition. I now have a renewed sense of purpose and energy and am more empowered than ever to serve my teachers and students in ways I’ve never imagined! The best has yet to come!”

Dorit Sasson, Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm amazed at how much your astrological and intuitive wisdom reflects me as a person. For the last few days, I've been looking at the big picture of things, planning and seeking how I can move forward in life, both personally and in business. I'm finding myself inspired by your words and your guidance. And I always love your content!!!"

Laura Wallace, Greencastle, PA

Paula Boylan, Niagara, Ontario, Canada"I want to thank you, Tina for your recent teleclass. It was an incredible healing experience! You helped me connect to something that I thought had already been healed. Your skill at guiding me into a release of this pain was quite amazing! You are a very talented healer and teacher!"

Paula Boylan, Niagara, Ontario, Canada

Deirdre Morris, Alicante, Spain"Everything that Tina does is cutting edge. But in my view, with the Moonlight Money Breakthrough program, Tina has again pushed the boundaries of absolutely fabulous beyond what was known before! I have taken the program both as a private client and within a group. Tina held a powerfully, sacred space that activated nothing less the quantum level breakthroughs for me (and others).

A lot of coaches are doing great work in the area of Abundance and I have been studying this for many years with marvelous teachers, but Tina Games is in a league of her own. I love how she weaves in her passion for astrology in a way that allows you to discover and claim the keys to your unique abundant nature.

Her listening is profound and her intention to serve is palpable in every word she utters. The results have been totally magical for myself and my family. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thank you so much Tina! I look forward to more!"

Deirdre Morris, Alicante, Spain

Teresa Morrow, Saint Petersburg, FLTina, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the tremendous guidance and support you offer with the Moonlight Cafe! Along with the ongoing resources, tips and tools you provide which help me stay focused on what my soul (instead of my ego) is here to do. The Moonlight Cafe has helped me gain clarity on my life purpose and reconnect with my true self when life seems to want to test me. I enjoy being able to be a part of a group that I can be a part of and be allowed to share openly and know I will be fully supported.

Teresa Morrow, Saint Petersburg, FL

Mary Sweeney, Monroe, WAWorking with Tina in her New Moon Beginning program was a wonderful and enriching experience! She is so powerfully graceful with her intuitive gifts, and at the same time professional and genuinely caring about her clients. She helped confirm and clarify for me my gifts and the future possibilities that I have also seen in my own dreams at night, which has given me the will to move forward on those dreams step by step. Tina helped me to see more clearly my light and shadow side, and to embrace and balance my inner world of knowledge that I believe instinctively led me to her website. She truly has a gift!

Mary Sweeney, Monroe, WA

Stephany Cavatoni, Davis, CA"I highly recommend Tina and her New Moon process. I turned to Tina at a time when I was feeling stuck and confused and could not think of a way to move forward. Her session allowed me to think about my life and career in ways I could have never dreamed of and I am in the process of designing the authentic life that I have always wanted. Her passion and commitment were evident from the first moment of our session. She is a truly gifted coach, communicator, and creative thinker. Thank you so much, Tina!"

Stephany Cavatoni, Davis, CA

Stacy Stehle, Thornton, CO“I am so grateful to have gone through the Purple Possibility work with Tina. Being able to follow her intuitive process allowed me to be very present with where I was in the moment and to connect with what I truly wanted. I felt as if I was able to dive into a new direction and leave what isn’t serving me any longer. I am so excited what lies ahead.”

Stacy Stehle, Thornton, CO

Barbarie White, Lakewood, WA“Tina, you’re an awesome mentor and spiritual coach! I have always felt encouraged and supported through the life purpose work we continue to do together. You’ve helped me see the purple possibilities in my life and I am truly grateful. My work with you is a sacred gift I deeply cherish. Thank you!”

Barbarie White, Lakewood, WA

Krista Moore, Kingston, Ontario Canada"The New Moon Discovery session with you totally illuminated a part of me I didn't understand in my quest to be "spiritual". And instead of allowing this energy to rule me or suppressing it, I now seek to understand and allow it even more in "healthy bits" and to see that it is also part of what makes me shine and come to life, and what makes my spiritual mission possible and even "visible." Better still this insight has allowed me to express this to my husband, a key piece that was missing, and has already improved our understanding of each other.

I will not be hiding my light under a bushel, and while I am walking slowly through the grass with bare feet I may learn to enjoy this sensual spiritual dilemma as the full moon bathes me in her light. Your care and insight improved my life and I look forward to more sensuo-spiritual conversations that "light me up" AND "light the way" for others.

THANK YOU Tina, you are a gifted intuitive.

Krista Moore, Kingston, Ontario Canada

Amanda Trombley, Cambridge, MA  <br />Marketing and Public Relations Consultant"I 'found' Tina when I was working through some of the biggest changes in my life so far. Tina refers to these moments as 'synchronicities' and she has taught me to pay attention to them. While a lot of coaches and consultants would have me focused on exclusively practical matters of business and life, Tina has a gift for teaching how to listen to the real 'me' and what that 'real me' wants. Whether it's through journaling or her New Moon Wisdom Circle, Tina has the ability to help you find your way even when you think you are hopelessly lost and stuck. Whether you are moving forward in a new venture or dreaming of one, Tina can help you find your way to making it a reality."

Amanda Trombley, Cambridge, MA
Marketing and Public Relations Consultant

Kaira Boston, Richmond, VA "My participation in the New Moon Wisdom Circle was a wonderful journey of self-discovery. I was able to remove the outside expected labels placed on me by others - and reveal my true shining light that had been bursting to be seen. I enjoyed having the prompts from Tina based on the phases of the moon and really began to connect to them as each month passed. The group participation was very welcomed and important because I could see different perspectives of women who were also working on their new moon beginnings. Their insight was a beautiful accompaniment that I could enfold into my journey."

Kaira Boston, Richmond, VA
The Small Business Whisperer

Mary Cash, Pine, CO <br /> Librarian, Teacher, and Writer"I’ve worked with Tina off and on for over several years, starting with Journaling by Moonlight and now with the New Moon Wisdom Circle. She has always been supportive and very helpful with her intuitive guidance and her wonderful materials. This year, after a decision to retire early, I found myself feeling lost and wondering what I wanted to do with my life. The New Moon Wisdom Circle has been both a comforting and stimulating community for me. I love the way our group shares when we move forward or make a new discovery - and I love how Tina is right there supporting and guiding everyone, and always posting those very timely visual messages. I've also found my monthly coaching calls with Tina to be very helpful. They keep me moving forward because they hold me accountable to my own dreams and goals - and it's really helpful to talk through my ideas and get Tina's insight and gentle direction when I find myself in a muddle. When I started the New Moon Wisdom Circle I really didn’t know where I wanted to go, but now I have a clear direction and a foundation laid that I wouldn’t have had without her help."

Mary Cash, Pine, CO
Librarian, Teacher, and Writer

Angela Wilson, Melbourne, Australia"Thank you for this experience, Tina! As I sat down to read through my journal last night, I could see how I started this retreat in darkness, unsure of what I wanted in this next phase of my life. Then through the journaling techniques and writing prompts you offered came the insights, the trust, and the light. This retreat gave me an opportunity to take a break from my everyday life and focus just upon myself. It was a refreshing change! I can now see where journaling will play a big part in my life, especially when a big decision needs to be made. I already know the answers deep inside me - and this retreat allowed me to re-connect with that part of me that knows best."

Angela Wilson, Melbourne, Australia

Peg Jones, Peabody, Massachusetts“I really enjoyed your Moonlight Journaling Retreat this summer. I found the different techniques of journaling really fun, and I know I can use them in the work that I do as an angel life coach and author. I also enjoyed learning about the wisdom of the different moon phases. That was enlightening! Thank you,Tina for the great work that you do!”

Peg Jones, Peabody, Massachusetts

Susan Osborne, Brighton, COAfter 15 years of searching for my ideal business, I finally turned to Tina for life purpose coaching. Looking back through all of the notes from our coaching calls and everything she has said and observed about me, the thoughts I wrote, everything...fits into my new divinely inspired business. EVERYTHING! I can't explain why this didn't click for me before coaching, but I am thankful to Tina for gently leading me here! I couldn't have gotten here without her.

Susan Osborne, Brighton, CO

Dawn Espelage, Vinton, VA “I have been incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with Tina and participate in her Moonlight Business Visioning programs. My intent was only to grow my business but a parallel process occurred and I grew as a person too. My business vision is much more focused and truly reflects my own authentic voice. Tina’s guided imageries, insight and validation are inspirational and she provides a forum that allows for genuine “aha” moments while weaving in the wisdom of the moon, astrology and spirituality. Working with Tina has been a transformative experience!”

Dawn Espelage, Vinton, VA

Theresa Ceniccola, Virginia Beach, VA"Tina came into my life at the perfect moment. I was in a time of transition in my business and was reaching out for help – but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. Her gentle guidance and endless wisdom helped me tap into my true purpose. The Moonlight Business Visioning program was more than I ever expected! Through my work with Tina in the program, I developed the clarity and confidence to create a business that honors my gifts and feeds my spirit. I connected with other incredibly talented business moms and together we created an energy of passion, support and success. I can see so many possibilities for my life and my business now, and I finally have the clarity and courage to make them a reality! Thank you, Tina, for being my Moonlight Muse! "

Theresa Ceniccola, Virginia Beach, VA

Brecia Kralovic-Logan, Santa Barbara, CA “I want to thank you again for the Moonlight Business Visioning program this summer. Taking your course not only gave me great guidance for my developing coaching business, but also inspired me to follow the threads of what I have so far and develop a series of workshops that may serve my clients on an ongoing basis. I just did the second week of my 5 week Creative SPIRAL workshop last night and I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this.”

Brecia Kralovic-Logan, Santa Barbara, CA

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