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Tina M. Games is the author of Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery (an interactive book with an accompanying deck of 54 journaling prompt cards). As a certified creativity and life purpose coach, and a gifted intuitive, she is the “Moonlight Muse” for women who want to tap into the “full moon within” and claim their authentic self, both personally and professionally. Through her signature coaching programs, based on the phases of the moon, Tina gently guides women from darkness to light as they create an authentic vision filled with purpose, passion and creative expression. She lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with her husband and their two children.
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What’s Your Purple Possibility?

Have you ever felt like throwing the entire game board of LIFE up in the air – and seeing where the pieces land? Are you curious about what you might find underneath all the rubble? And are you eager to know how all the pieces fit together – in a way that honors who you are […]

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My Manifesto as a Life Purpose Alchemist

As a Life Purpose Alchemist, it’s my intention to help highly-creative and spiritually-minded individuals connect the dots of their life story in a way that makes sense and in a way that feels right. It’s through this intention that I’m able to help them “Connect with their Creative Purpose. Step into their Life Story. Create their Legacy.” I’m […]

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Becoming Your Own Valentine

Most of the messages coming our way this time of year are to “be someone else’s valentine.” But what if we took this opportunity to be our own valentine? Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to connect with the one who can truly bring love into your life – YOU! Your well-being – emotionally, mentally, […]

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The Power of YOUR Life Story

One of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen is Freedom Writers. It continues to be one of my favorites. It shows the power of journal writing – and telling one’s story through a voice that is unique to the storyteller. And through the pages of sharing this story, a larger sense of purpose begins […]

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Tapping into Full Moon Energy

One of the gifts that the full moon gives us is an overwhelming desire to come alive. Whether that’s bringing a passion front and center or finally making the decision to take a giant leap forward in a new direction that is fully aligned with our life purpose. Imagine driving through a fast food window […]

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