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Bloom Where You Are Planted

What happens when your life is thrown off course, not by your own choosing – and you’re picked up, rattled around, and thrown in another direction? How do you bloom where planted? Sometimes, when we’re “stuck” – the Universe makes the movement for us. It picks us up, rattles us around – and puts us […]

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Dancing Between Darkness and Light

Our lunar goddess is rich with wisdom. She teaches us how to move from darkness into light with the gracefulness of a ballroom dance. We step in, we step out – and we circle back around again. Looking up at the night sky during a first quarter lunar phase, we see a moon that’s half […]

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Using Vulnerability as a Measure of Courage

Being a spiritual artist involves taking creative risks. We’re often putting ourselves out there for the world to see – through our words, our art, and our creative endeavors. Some will love our work while others may not. But that’s okay. We’re not here to please everyone. We’re here to serve our creative purpose in the best […]

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What Does This Blue Moon Have in Store for You?

We’re in for a real treat this week as we move into a full moon phase in the astrological sign of Aquarius. It will bring light to our unique path, allowing us to see how our own individuality contributes to the higher good of the collective. It’s a perfect time to contemplate the impact of […]

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The Gift of the Waxing Crescent: Who Are You, Really?

On a recent winter evening walk, I couldn’t help but take in the beauty of our lunar goddess as she began to make her way out of darkness and into her first sliver of light. It was a glorious sight! It was just enough light to see the definition of the moon in the night […]

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