Purple Possibility


My most vibrant programs – the Purple Possibility Studio and the Purple Possibility Diamond – are designed to inspire creative and divine possibilities on your life purpose journey – both personally and professionally. Through intuitive exploration and an open mind, you’ll be gently guided into a more heightened awareness of what’s already present as you shift your focus toward connecting the dots of life’s synchronicities.

I’m a lover of synchronicity. And what most fascinates me about synchronicities are the possibilities that are available to us when we’re fully aware of them.

The name Purple Possibility came to me when I started thinking about the possibilities that lie in “grey” when we step out of a black and white mindset. And then I began to think, what if – we “colorized” the black and white and made it red and blue? What possibilities would be available to us if we chose to look through a purple lens?

What would we see? And how could this alter the path we’re currently on?

“There were a lot of lessons wrapped up in this exploration of Purple Possibilities! What I’ve always seen as challenges, you helped me see as synchronicities with meaning. I was amazed to see how pivotal they were to my life purpose.”~ Emily Rogers, London, England

Purple Possibility is a more playful, whimsical version of my deeper Life Purpose Legacy work. It’s a fun approach to looking at the path of your life story and how it reveals your true creative purpose – your mission in this lifetime that can only be expressed through you – should you choose to fully receive it.

By connecting the dots of synchronicity and following the “thread of purpose” – where would you land? And what doors would open from there?

There are two ways you can embark on the purple possibility journey.

One is the Purple Possibility Studioan innovative virtual studio where all kinds of creative ideas can be explored and mapped out through a unique home-study program. The other is in a private retreat coaching program as a Purple Possibility Diamond.

You can read more about each offering by clicking on the highlighted links above.

You can also hear me talk about the concept of “purple possibilities” and how they impact your life purpose journey by visiting the highlighted link below this paragraph. The link will take you to a page where you’ll get complimentary access to a recent teleclass I led on the topic of purple possibility.

“What’s Your Purple Possibility?”

“Thank you for your intuitive wisdom, Tina! And thank you for this Purple Possibility experience. It’s been amazing! I am now off to begin my new endeavor as a nature photographer and soon-to-be author, which all came about as a result of exploring my Purple Possibilities!”~ Kelly Baer, Alpharetta, GA

If you have any questions regarding either program, please contact me at PurplePossibility@gmail.com.

Here’s to exploring the richness of Purple Possibilities!

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