Moonlight Journaling Retreat

Journaling through the Moon Phases
* A Special 30-day Virtual Retreat – Beginning January 15, 2018 * 
Moonlight Journaling

  • What wisdom can journaling by the moonlight bring to you?
  • How can the moon inspire your journey from darkness into light – bringing you to new awarenesses about yourself and the world around you?
  • What gifts are waiting to be discovered within you – and around you?
  • And how will all this support the next phase of your life purpose journey?

Join this unique virtual retreat – where you’ll be journaling by moonlight with other creative souls who desire a more spiritually-creative life filled with purpose and passion. Through an exploration of moon phases, we’ll create the sacred energy needed to set intentions that stem from an intuitive, heart-centered place.

Dance with your inner wisdom as you explore the various aspects of yourself, your life, and your relationships with others – through journal writing techniques designed for personal growth and creative expression.

Donna McDine“Tina’s Moonlight Journaling Retreat is a liberating and thought-provoking experience. At a crossroads personally and professionally, the numerous journaling techniques challenged me to to go deep into my soul for clarity. What came about was a ground-breaking breakthrough for my deepest desires. I highly recommend Tina’s retreat for anyone seeking clarity and truth.”

~ Donna McDine, Tappan, New York

Ann“I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience! Being in a time of transition, the Moonlight Journaling Retreat was exactly what I needed. It gave me an opportunity to learn some new journal writing techniques, share my journaling entries, and receive your wonderful insight. The retreat also gave me time to ponder and rediscover myself, and learning about the moon phases was an added bonus. I so appreciate your beautiful energy and wisdom!”

~ Ann Fafard, Nashua, New Hampshire

Journal writing offers many health benefits – including stress reduction, releasing emotions, and getting in touch with one’s true self.

Tina M GamesDuring this month-long virtual retreat, we’ll be exploring 18 different journaling techniques that will connect with unconscious desires and wishes simmering slightly below the surface and outside of your awareness.

If there are places you need healing, you will find them. If there are places to celebrate joy, you will find them. If there is a path or direction waiting for you, you will find it.

Based on the work of Kathleen Adams, journal therapy pioneer and author of Journal to the Self, this retreat will offer tools to begin and maintain a journal, an understanding of its benefits, and the opportunity to practice several different journaling techniques.

Journal writing is a simultaneous journey into the known and the unknown. And by using the moon as a guide, you’ll be gently led into a deeper, richer, more authentic connection with your own inner voice.

By the end of this 30-day retreat, you will have discovered something about yourself and with tools you can use to continue your journal writing journey on your own.

Cyndi Lloyd“Wow, what a retreat! I feel so fortunate having learned so much during these last 30 days. Not only did I learn some great journaling techniques that I’ll return to again and again, but I also learned so much more about myself. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels that I’m no longer stuck, that I’m finally moving forward. What a feeling! Thank you for all your wisdom and thoughtful comments. I’m finally starting to believe in myself again!”

~ Cyndi Lloyd, Riverton, Utah

“Thank you for this experience, Tina! As I sat down to read through my journal last night, I could see how I started this retreat in darkness, unsure of what I wanted in this next phase of my life. Then through the journaling techniques and writing prompts you offered came the insights, the trust, and the light. This retreat gave me an opportunity to take a break from my everyday life and focus just upon myself. It was a refreshing change! I can now see where journaling will play a big part in my life, especially when a big decision needs to be made. I already know the answers deep inside me – and this retreat allowed me to re-connect with that part of me that knows best.”

~ Angela Wilson, Melbourne, Australia

* No writing experience is necessary, just a curiosity and an open mind.

Each retreat participant will receive:

  • An invitation to join the Moonlight Cafe – an online forum where we’ll be exploring 18 different journal writing techniques and engaging in a dialogue about the benefits of journal writing.
  • Access to pre-recorded visualizations designed to accompany the journal writing process.
  • Access to supplemental materials specially-selected to enhance the journal writing process.
  • An introduction to the powerful energy of each moon phase and how it can support you in a spiritually-creative journal writing practice
  • 30 days of personalized journal writing support in the online forum.
  • A copy of my signature journaling card deck, Journaling by the Moonlight which is filled with personal writing prompts designed to guide you through each phase of the moon.
Your investment for this rich journal writing experience is $297.
*To register, please use the payment link below.  

I’ll look forward to welcoming you to the Moonlight Cafe for a delightful month of journaling through the moon phases!

Peg Jones“I really enjoyed your Moonlight Journaling Retreat this summer. I found the different techniques of journaling really fun, and I know I can use them in the work I do as an angel wisdom guide and author. I also enjoyed learning about the wisdom of the different moon phases. That was enlightening! Thank you, Tina for the great work that you do!”

~ Peg Jones, Peabody, Massachusetts

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