Moonlight Money Mastery

Did you know that you were born with a
Sacred Financial Destiny?


It’s part of your life purpose legacy – a sacred financial destiny that you are meant to fulfill authentically. When you align your spiritual and financial intentions, you’re able to create magical opportunities that create more abundance, both personally and professionally.

It’s your sacred money contract – and it reveals many things.

  • What are your natural instincts when it comes to money?
  • What are your sacred money gifts?
  • How do they serve your higher good?
  • How do they impact your path to prosperity?
  • What old beliefs do you need to let go of in order to live more abundantly?
  • What money challenges are keeping you from fulfilling your sacred financial destiny?

How would everything change for you if you understood your sacred money contract?

This is the focus of Moonlight Money Mastery – which is rich with intuitive wisdom, astrological moon guidance, and insights that stem from a deep understanding of self.

This program is designed to tap into your natural gifts of abundance by connecting you with what’s truly authentic for you in the area of prosperity.

“Tina, this program was amazing! What I’ve learned about myself through the Sacred Money Archetypes and through your powerful coaching has inspired me to take some steps I may not have otherwise taken. I’m looking forward to stepping into my role as an alchemist and publishing my first book – and fully becoming the spiritual teacher that I’ve always been. Thank you for everything!”~ Sharon Kirby, Farmington, New Mexico

We’ll be looking specifically at how you’re currently manifesting money in your business or professional work – and how you can shift into a new money paradigm that will allow you to manifest new opportunities of abundance.

I’ll introduce you to eight Sacred Money Archetypes and through an assessment, you’ll identify your primary and secondary archetypes as well as your “challenger” archetype (the one you’re most avoiding). We’ll use the wisdom and the energies of your archetypes to shift any money blocks you’re currently having in your business or career – and map out a new Sacred Money Blueprint (your path to new opportunities for abundance).


Would you like to………

  • Discover what YOUR Sacred Money Archetype is?
  • See how it has influenced you in both positive (and negative) ways?
  • Understand the shadow patterns that have been holding you back from living more abundantly?
  • Receive a list of practical actions that are unique to YOUR Sacred Money Archetype, that you can begin taking immediately to shift your money patterns?
  • Learn how to use YOUR Sacred Money Archetype to make profitable decisions in every area of your business and personal life?

………then join me for this empowering and very personalized program that will shift your current path of prosperity in ways that are truly magical!




This is a rich 90-day private experience that includes:
  • One 75-minute Sacred Money Archetype Activation Session to kick off our 90 days together
  • A Sacred Money Archetype assessment
  • Your own set of Sacred Money Archetype cards
  • Three 30-minute private coaching sessions to enhance the rich discoveries you’ll be making and to guide you as you implement what you learn
  • Specially-selected worksheets and visual maps to support your shift into a new money paradigm
  • A personalized journey through the energy of the moon phases as they’re happening in real-time
  • Private e-mail access for continued support during our 90 days together

Your investment for this rich and innovative program is $997 – and includes lots of personal attention.

If you’re ready for a more expansive journey into a new money paradigm, specifically as it relates to your business or professional work, please join me!

You can register via the payment button below – and we’ll begin your Sacred Money Archetype experience by choosing a start time that best suits your schedule. Then off we’ll go on a 90-day journey into Moonlight Money Mastery.


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