The Moonlight Muse Magazine

Inspiring creativity and spirituality by the light of the moon

The Moonlight Muse - Spiritual Artist

* Coming in Winter 2018 *

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The Winter Solstice always brings a soulful, reflective energy that’s perfect for journal writing, visual mapping, and engaging in a deeper relationship with self. So it’s a perfect time to launch The Moonlight Muse Magazine – a quarterly publication designed for creative, intuitive, and spiritual women who desire a more authentic life, both personally and professionally.

Living with purpose, passion and creative expression will always be the core mission of The Moonlight Muse Magazine as we map out a bigger vision for ourselves and the world around us.

Working with the phases of the moon as a source for spiritual and creative transformation, creative women will be gently guided on a path of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-fulfillment.

Within the magazine’s sacred pages, we’ll be exploring the question, “I’m a woman, but who am I really?” – as we make a genuine connection with our inner source of inspiration, what we’ll be calling “the full moon within.”

Join publisher Tina M. Games, life purpose alchemist and creativity coach, along with special guest experts in the areas of creativity, spirituality, and journal writing as you dance into a more divine relationship with your most authentic self.

Here’s to inspiring creative possibilities by illuminating the full moon within and activating the voice of the Spiritual Artist!

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