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A New Year of New Beginnings

As you begin to move into another new year filled with opportunities for new beginnings, notice what is starting to stir in you. Allow yourself to connect with any emotions that are rising to the surface. Pay attention to what synchronicities are suddenly appearing. What is being awakened within you? What is beginning to bloom […]

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The Gifts of Gratitude Journaling

The summer season brings an energy of celebration and light. It’s an ideal time to notice the many gifts in your life, both personally and professionally – and to begin intention-setting for the months ahead and the new year that’s just over the horizon. But what if you’re in a frame of mind that’s not […]

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Is There More To Life Than This?

There must be more to life than this! Has this thought ever popped into your mind? And more importantly, has it popped up recently? If so, you’re not alone! ~ More and more people are feeling deeply dissatisfied with their businesses and job situations, their relationships, their income, even their future potential.  They want big change, but […]

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You Are A Phenomenal Woman

As we approach the beautiful energy of summer, a time that brings celebration and rejuvenation – let’s take a moment to honor your WOWNESS! We’ve all known phenomenal women. They have that special “something” – a glorious glimmer that brightens a room when they enter. Their smile, warm demeanor, or caring presence draws us to them. […]

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The Importance of Unconditional Acceptance

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 3 of Daniel Parmeggiani’s Virtual Blog Tour, whose new book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence, is currently celebrating its official launch. Daniel Parmeggiani is a modern-day spiritual teacher whose approach is unaligned with any particular religion or tradition. Driven by intense psychological turmoil […]

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