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Are You Living a Van Gogh Story?

There’s a quote by inspirational speaker and author Wayne Dyer that brings to light the power of now – and the significance that courage plays into fully realizing one’s potential. “Don’t die with your music still inside you.” As a self-empowerment coach for highly-creative and spiritually-minded women who are here to express their life’s purpose through artistic […]

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A New Year of New Beginnings

As you begin to move into another new year filled with opportunities for new beginnings, notice what is starting to stir in you. Allow yourself to connect with any emotions that are rising to the surface. Pay attention to what synchronicities are suddenly appearing. What is being awakened within you? What is beginning to bloom […]

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Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hearing more and more women talk about emotions that are related to some aspect of grieving. And I don’t mean the death of a loved one, but the death of some part of their life that they’ve come to know intimately – or the death of something inside of […]

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Is There More To Life Than This?

There must be more to life than this! Has this thought ever popped into your mind? And more importantly, has it popped up recently? If so, you’re not alone! ~ More and more people are feeling deeply dissatisfied with their businesses and job situations, their relationships, their income, even their future potential.  They want big change, but […]

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Journaling by the Moonlight – Facilitator Training

The Journaling by the Moonlight (JBTM) brand is expanding! After receiving numerous requests to bring this body of work to other parts of the world and to a variety of audiences, I made the decision to structure the program in a way that allows for creative teaching through an array of different lenses. And one of the […]

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