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How Darkness Can Inspire Your Creativity

Are you going through a difficult time, unsure of your next steps – or contemplating a change in direction with no idea of how to move forward? Do you feel stuck in your creative process, wondering how to best express yourself as you transition into the next phase of life? We’ll soon be moving into another new moon […]

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Are You Living a Van Gogh Story?

There’s a quote by inspirational speaker and author Wayne Dyer that brings to light the power of now – and the significance that courage plays into fully realizing one’s potential. “Don’t die with your music still inside you.” As a self-empowerment coach for highly-creative and spiritually-minded women who are here to express their life’s purpose through artistic […]

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How Resourceful Are You?

We’re entering a full moon phase tonight in the practical and resourceful sign of Capricorn. It’s a great time to review what you already have in place, both personally and professionally – and begin to look for creative ways to rework, reframe, or reshape what might be feeling old and stagnant. Many times, all we […]

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How Does the Full Moon Inspire Your Creativity?

For many centuries, the moon has inspired thousands of beautiful stories, songs, dances, paintings, and poems. Through its many phases, it has served as a muse in a variety of ways. What is it about the moon that stirs our innermost thoughts and inspires our deepest creativity? This poem written by Mark Heard, first appeared […]

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How Does Play Factor into the Creative Process?

As a certified creativity coach and life purpose alchemist, I work with divinely-inspired artists and writers on their creative process, helping them sort through their many ideas so they can choose a project that’s fully aligned with their authentic vision. A lot goes into the creative process, from idea to planning to implementation to completion. And […]

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