It’s a Blue Moon January!

Did you know that January has two full moons?

Full moons are rich with light that fill up an otherwise dark night sky. There’s a magic quality about them – that sparks the light within us.

And when we get a double dose of full moon energy – which is often referred to as a “blue moon phase” – our own dreams and desires are magnified. There’s a deep yearning to “come out of the closet” – and to begin living life in full light.

It’s a great time to connect with your life purpose on a deeper level, looking at ways that it can be expressed in this new year – personally, professionally, and creatively.

It’s also a perfect time to embrace your larger legacy – and how it’s already showing up in your life.

Are you fully aware of the expansiveness of it?

To celebrate this very special “blue moon phase” – I’m launching a brand-new virtual workshop that’s rich with journaling prompts, creative exercises, and guided visualizations designed to help you connect with your unique gifts and talents, the essence of your life story, and the larger theme that is already emerging in your life.


What’s Your Blue Moon Legacy?

We’ve all heard the saying, “once in a blue moon.”

  • Well – what if YOU inspired that “once in a blue moon” experience through your creative work?
  • What if YOU were that “once in a blue moon” voice?
  • What if YOU had that “once in a blue moon” gift to share with the world?
  • What if YOU were a blue moon being?

Join me for a rich and interactive virtual workshop about blue moon legacy stories and how they not only define your own legacy, but help shape a bigger message for others.

Are you clear about what your legacy is and how it’s showing up NOW? And are you aware of the expansiveness of it?

This 30-day virtual workshop experience begins on January 31st (on the day of the blue moon) – and will include deep writing prompts, creative exercises, and guided visualizations that will take you on a journey through your own blue moon legacy stories, helping you connect with your larger life legacy and how it wants to be expressed in 2018.

To register for this unique online experience at the special introductory rate of $397, please click here (or on the graphic below): Blue Moon Legacy Workshop

Here’s to honoring your Blue Moon Legacy – and bringing it to light in 2018!

About Tina Games

Tina M. Games is the author of Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery (an interactive book with an accompanying deck of 54 journaling prompt cards). As a certified creativity and life purpose coach, and a gifted intuitive, she is the “Moonlight Muse” for women who want to tap into the “full moon within” and claim their authentic self, both personally and professionally. Through her signature coaching programs, based on the phases of the moon, Tina gently guides women from darkness to light as they create an authentic vision filled with purpose, passion and creative expression. She lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with her husband and their two children.
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